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  • Web Design
    BizWebShop builds and recommends WordPress, Magento-e-commerce, and Tiki community websites. Our team has years of experience in all three platforms for designing your website for your specific requirements. This page offers blocks of time for upgrading or begining a website with one of our recommended platforms. For new sites, it is best to ask us for a proposal, so we can agree on the scope and budget of the website project. We also offer landing pages at competitive rates. Team up with BizWebShop for the long term security and success of your website. Face today’s challenging marketplace with an experienced, cost-effective website design partner. Read More
  • Hosting

    What Does a Website Require?

    A website requires design, domain and hosting. Design is the combination of graphics, text and other elements to be displayed, including the site files, software and database(s). The Domain is the address you enter into the browser to view the website. Hosting is the space you rent on a shared or dedicated server. Your site is visible online because it is on a web server.

    BizWebShop’s comprehensive hosting packages take the guesswork out of hosting.

    BizWebShop offers secure hosting on dedicated Linux servers in a large Milwaukee, Wisconsin datacenter. The location is significant for being land-locked (hurricane-proof), tornado-resistant (not in Tornado Alley), and is not built on a flood zone. These factors are important whe Read More

  • SEO and Marketing
    BizWebShop offers effective small business SEO and online marketing services. We recommend a 3-6 months campaign for the best results. We highly recommend client input for blogs and marketing material. Read More
  • Security
    BizWebshop can provide several layers of security to defend your website from malware and hackers. WP Armor is our WordPress Security package, and we also provide SSL certificates, website management and regular software updates for Magento and Tiki sites as well. Read More